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Why Choose the Weekend Hack

Why Choose The Weekend Hack?

Founder Kadeem Best envisioned The Weekend Hack as a mechanism that would facilitate the cultivation of STEM-related skills for people who are gifted in these areas and specifically technology and software development. Kadeem wanted to build a space for people who would not ordinarily have these opportunities to come and explore their potentials. He realized that there was a need to expose them to the world of STEM and sought to help them unlock and hone their talents in these areas.
 It was with this desire to bridge the gap between STEM and people who may even be unknowingly gifted in these areas that fueled the creation of The Weekend Hack. The Weekend Hack offers students an opportunity to gain real world and relevant skills in the areas of technology and software development. The Weekend Hack participants receive one-on-one coaching from highly competent and vastly experienced instructors with over a decade of experience between them and who have worked in the web development industry.
The Weekend Hack courses are designed to be engaging, exciting and practical. Our instructors seek to impart their wealth of knowledge in coding and the intricacies of web development. The best part is, this takes place, all in one weekend!

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