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What is the weekend Hack?

What is The Weekend Hack?

The Weekend Hack is an online coding school and boot-camp, geared towards developing skills in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics). We specifically focus on the areas of Technology and Software development. Participants in The Weekend Hack workshops and courses will receive one-on-one coaching, opportunities to work on real-world projects, exposure to cutting edge technologies, all delivered with a highly structured curriculum, all in one weekend.
Developed in 2019, founder Kadeem Best saw a need for the immersion of young people in the world of STEM. STEM opens avenues to some of the most lucrative industries in business today. STEM curriculum are designed to educate students based on the four areas mentioned above. In a world that evolves overnight,  individuals with strong technology skills find themselves in more and more high demand. According to the U.S Department of Commerce, STEM occupations are growing at a rate of 17% while other occupations are at 9.8%. This alone is indicative of the need for institutions like The Weekend Hack to encourage individuals to unlock and tap into their talents and abilities in the STEM area while placing major emphasis on technology and software development.
The Weekend Hack is all about fostering a learning environment that is conducive to excellence. We motivate students to challenge themselves and we will facilitate their growth.
The Weekend Hack wants you to know that the possibilities are endless and you can build the amazing, all in one weekend!

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