Student Stories

If you're wondering whether The Weekend Hack is the right fit for you, you've come to the right place. Read and watch our current and past students' stories to decide if The Weekend Hack is the place for you.

Time for Change

Shireen Pierre has always had a passion for creative endeavours, preferring to explore and hone her talents in areas such as art, graphic design, creative writing, and event management. She is a firm believer in gaining continuous personal and professional growth that is all rounded, well-curated and tailor-made to her interests. 

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Janielle is a go-getter and can easily boast of a strong and successful career in sales. She has no formal background in coding and software development but she had a strong interest in the industry. This led her to The Weekend Hack, which opened her eyes to the immersive world of tech.

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Wesley is a highly motivated, creative and innovative individual. His interest in web development stems from his background in Graphic Design. Wesley had some programming knowledge and worked as a call operator. Because of Wesley’s creativity and innovative nature, he wanted to merge his skills in graphic design with programming.

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