Live Online Coding Bootcamp

Learn evolving technologies, you need to succeed, from anywhere in the world.

Learn from Home

Our ethos is "All you need is your laptop, an internet connection and let the coding journey begin, with The Weekend Hack!"  This is a true testament to the use of technology for the advancement of education. We have invested in state of the art technologies for the delivery of our in-depth and all inclusive programmes at The Weekend Hack.  This allows for us to use the synchronous model of learning which allows for the interactions of students, lecturers, coursework and for the hand-on approach we believe in.

All our programs are fully online to guarantee the safety of our community and ensure that our students are prepared for the work from home environments that are growing in demand.  All our courses blend academic and practical experiences to ensure our students are holistically developed and ready to take on the world.  Instructor led, focus driven and online, our courses meet the standards of a great education.

Online Teaching Models

Our main goal is to help you kickstart a career in tech. Thus, our programs  focus on ensuring that you get the adequate practical training, skills and tools needed to get you a job as a software developer or software engineer in a short period of time. Upon completing any of our programs,  you would have experience working with a plethora of real world projects, while building a portfolio of projects to show your skills and talent to employers .


Synchronous learning allows for The Weekend Hack to provide a fully immersive online environment, where your peers are present, all from the comfort of your own home, work and or any part of the world.  Additionally, this type of learning structure allows for you to interact, support and develop bonds with your peers and lecturers in a live virtual environment. This aids in the ease and functionality of learning.  The Weekend Hack isn’t only educating for the seek of it but is building a legacy through the advancement of a vibrant tech community. 


All our sessions are live and virtual, our lecturers are hands-on and focused to ensure that your learning is succinct to the vision of The Weekend Hack. No student will be left behind as they are a part of a community that is willing to support and further each student. Learning isn’t just about being in a classroom, it is about creating experiences that foster the veracious development of the human being.