Are You Ready For a Career Change?

35 weeks of hard work can put you 5 years ahead in life.

Who we Are?

Founded in 2019, The Weekend Hack is an online coding bootcamp, specifically geared towards developing skills in software development, particularly in mobile and web development. Participants in The Weekend Hack courses will receive opportunities to work on real-world projects, exposure to cutting edge technologies and delivered with a highly structured curriculum.

The Weekend Hack is all about fostering a learning environment that is conducive to excellence. We motivate students to challenge themselves and we facilitate their growth.

What is a Coding Bootcamp?

A Coding bootcamp derives its meaning from the literal term bootcamp, i.e., a facility or program in which civilians participate in a rigidly structured routine with the intention of transforming them into a soldier that can combat war. 

A coding bootcamp, more specifically The Weekend Hack, is a coding and technical school where learners with minimal to no programming experience are taken  on a  highly intensive and immersive journey.  This journey exposes students to the appropriate tools, skills, technologies and real world projects, meant to prepare them for a complete career transition to a specific  programming vocation.

What do we Look for from you?

Show Passion

We want to know that you are passionate about learning in general and learning to code specifically.

Be Determined

Coding will require you to think in brand new ways and eal with tremendous amounts of frustration and self-doubt. As such, a big part of success in learning to code is finishing what you start.

Demonstrate Smarts

Our team wants applicants to show their intellectual stamina and curiosity, you will need to pick up material quickly and not get overwhelmed.

Be Yourself

Tell us what makes you, you! Share whatever interesting perspective you can bring to the “table”, for example, what your values are, why have you decided to pursue a career in tech?